Thursday, September 28, 2006

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Four tracks from Two Artists

Steve Robinson-Golden Age of Steam
Came across this track on the podcast 'Off the Beaten Track', it accompanies the video of the Darlington Railway Museum. You can almost smell them Steam Engines.
Steve Robinson_England’s Green
A lovely song for a lovely country.
Martyn Joseph-Cardiff Bay
Thanks to Nic from Homegrown Podcast for this one, great lyrics and atmospheric sound.
Martyn Joseph_I Would Never Do Anything
A very beautiful song. This track is from Martyns latest Album Deep Blue.

Steve Robinson
Martyn Joseph

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Evening Walk

We decided to have a stroll down the town this evening, left about seven as the sun was just setting, dusk I suppose you could call it. It was so warm, can not believe we are at the end of September and still spending the evening outside in T-shirts.
Its amazing how the town changes from the busy hustle and bustle of the daytime. It takes on a quiet air, shop lights stream out into the street, inviting the eye to look. Its easy to move through the town, giving you more time, it allows you to see more, and take the town in and feel what its really like without its madness of the crowds.
We wandered down to the seafront where the air took on a chillier reminder of colder times, the lights of the pier flickered, and the amusements sang out their last calls of summer. A crescent moon was visible, hiding behind the pier, and the aroma of chips filled the seaside air.
Hooked on the smell we strolled back with an open bag of chips, after all, you cant visit the seaside without eating chips!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Ghost Train

Went to the Theatre last night at Worthings Connaught Theatre to see the 'Ghost Train', a play by Arnold Ridley. Really enjoyed this escapism and the performance of Mathew Cottle who appeared in the television comedy 'Game On' which was on quite a few years ago was brilliant, along with Stephen Beckett who played an English Toff very convincingly.

I will be doing a compilation of songs from unsigned bands on my music podcast site, why not check it out at

Monday, September 04, 2006

gate post

i love the way that the elements have worn away the gate post. the post was part of a boundary fence for a church graveyard.

the signalbox

through the windows of new romney signalbox on the romney hythe and dymchurch light railway in kent.

cottage windows

taking through the windows of the clergy house at alfriston in east sussex. this house is owned and run by the national trust, and was one of its first acquisitions.

through the window

this was taking through the windows of alciston church in east sussex
as i mentioned before i'm currently using an olympus c-50 zoom. lately i've been having problems with the camera shutting down randomly. it has a sliding lens cover, and when the cover is in the open position it doesn't keep the camera on, instead it shuts the camera down.
a quick search of the internet before making a visit to the local camera shop, and there was the answer, its a micro switch! the groves behind the cover which activates the switch must be worn and so don't keep the camera in its operational mode. the solution? well in my case it was to remove the lens cover totally and operate the micro switch by hand, or finger nail. all i need now is some sort of soft case to carry it in so the lens doesn't get damaged. i love this camera, and it has served me well, but reading through the forums it seems to be a fairly common problem. hopefully all will be well from now on, although it would have been a good excuse to buy a brand new camera.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

watering holes, the cricketers & st pierre's

great stour, canterbury.

the great stour winds its peaceful way through canterbury

a canterbury lane

the very old canterbury cathedral hides behind modern signage down one of canterbury's narrow lanes